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25 10, 2013

Dr. Richardson doesn’t disappoint!

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Dana-Farber's renown myeloma specialist, Dr. Paul Richardson, shared his thoughts about if, how and when autologous and/or allogeneic (using donor cells) stem cell transplants should be used to treat multiple myeloma. The program was scheduled to end after one hour.  But there were so many questions--and Dr. Richardson's answers were so thorough and detailed--the program

20 07, 2013

Groundbreaking news that was overlooked at ASCO 2013

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Before ASCO even got started the first week of June, our lifestyle columnist and my good friend, Danny Parker, alerted me to an incredibly important abstract that we both knew would get lost among all of the hype.  A retrospective study conducted by myeloma specialists at Mayo Clinic, it revealed some groundbreaking overall survival (OS)

4 06, 2013

Evidence starting to mount that maintenance therapy may help us live longer

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Incremental baby steps.  I hope I haven't given the wrong impression about myeloma news coming out of Chicago at this year's American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meetings.  I've been whining about how there hadn't been any big myeloma related news.  That part is true.  But there are hundreds of clinical trial results being presented