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16 11, 2015

Patient Snapshot Update: Transplant survivor David from Tampa

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We've been following the progress of allogeneic (donor) stem cell transplant survivor, David, from Tampa, for a year. The young myeloma patient handled the difficult procedure better than most, but he openly expressed disappointment that his transplant didn't completely snuff out his cancer. I wrote about his thoughts in September: Patient Snapshot Update: David from

22 05, 2015

Patient Snapshot: Tom from Ohio (Part Twenty Seven)

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A month ago I posted an email update about multiple myeloma patient and allogeneic transplant survivor, Tom Brennan, from Ohio.  Tom's wife, Whitney, was kind enough to pass it along; I had been hearing from a number of readers that were concerned about how Tom was doing: Hope for a cure: Tom’s allo transplant

23 04, 2015

Update: Allo transplant recipient, David from Florida (Part Two)

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So we've heard from both of our most recent Patient Snapshot allogeneic (donor) stem cell transplant recipients.  As multiple myeloma goes, both are young, with kids and lovely, caring wives.  Tom from Ohio has had a more difficult time than expected from day one.  Things have gone a lot easier for David from Tampa.  Complications

22 04, 2015

Update: Allo transplant recipient, David from Florida

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Yikes!  Tom has faced such a tough road following his allogeneic (donor) stem cell transplant.  Combine this with a mortality rate for myeloma patients that runs somewhere between ten and twenty percent--and a success rate that's hard to predict--it's understandable why a lot of doctors and patients shy away from the controversial procedure.  Yet to

21 04, 2015

Reader stories can help us make difficult therapy decisions

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As most of you know, I've been facing the toughest therapy decision of my eight year multiple myeloma journey.  But this week's series of posts aren't about me.  They are a culmination of what I've been working on for years: collecting patient testimonials and feedback that can help all of us make life extending, uber-informed

6 01, 2015

Patient Snapshot: David from Florida (Part Five)

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More about David's recovery from last month's allogeneic stem cell transplant: Fighting for Discharge Papers All transplants place recipients in the same place; crank new cells through engraftment until you hit the magic total--ANC count of 500--and you get the coveted “letter of transit.” It is just like Casablanca without people singing Le Marseilles in

4 01, 2015

Patient Snapshot: David from Florida (Part Four)

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David, our featured allogeneic (donor) stem cell transplant recipient, has completed the high dose chemotherapy portion of the procedure.  He's also had his donor's cells infused into him a few days later.  David told me he felt surprisingly well to that point.  But something tells me reality is about to set in: Comparing the journey

19 08, 2014

Patient Snapshot Update: Chuck from Georgia

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The promise of becoming part of exciting, new clinical trials can be intoxicating.  But most only work for less than half of the patients that sign up. Here's an update from a Patient Snapshot alumnus, Chuck.  Sounds like he's one of the unlucky ones: Pat, Rewinding to my last update: I was just starting