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PET scans

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11 07, 2014


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After the obligatory 2 year waiting period following my approval to receive Social Security Disability (SSDI), I became eligible to receive Medicare.  I respectfully declined it.  Turns out my instinct were right! First, a comment.  Being forced to wait for medical coverage for two years when many patients need help NOW is wrong.  It's just

8 03, 2013

Ongoing diagnostics are used at different times and in different ways by different docs

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I was running out of time and energy yesterday.  PET scan, Velcade infusion and other tests went fine and I arrived safely home by 4 PM.  There is a significant difference in the way doctors around the country test and monitor their patients--an alarming difference. Yesterday I wrote this: I have been writing about Total

13 02, 2011

Play-By-Play Of My Friday PET Scan- Continued

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It was time for my PET scan. Another young tech, named Bobby, escorted me into the PET room. I was wearing a Green Bay Packers pull-over jacket--big surprise. I like to wear Badger or Packer gear when I go to clinics or hospitals. They are always conversation starters.Today was no exception.  It turns out Bobby was

12 02, 2011

Play-By-Play Of My PET Scan Friday

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I spent most of yesterday at Moffitt Cancer Center, undergoing tests. Blood draws and a bone survey (a series of x-rays covering my entire body, except for my hands and feet) I had undergone a number of times before. But this was my first PET scan.Those of you who have undergone this test understand there

30 09, 2010 Article Compares & Contrasts (Pun Intended!) Radiation Exposure From Scans Commonly Used By Multiple Myeloma Patients

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I just ran a lengthy article on my other site,, titled:Radiation Exposure Associated With CT Scans/MRI's/PET Scans/Conventional X-Rays: Is It Worth The Risk?I consider this a must read for multiple myeloma patients who are concerned about radiation exposure from any of these common imaging tests.Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

11 12, 2009

PET Scans Becoming Important Myeloma Diagnostic Tool

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Yesterday I wrote about myeloma patient Paula Van Riper and mentioned her doctor found otherwise undetectable bone lesions by using a PET scan. Did you know the IMF tirelessly spearheaded an effort to get Medicare to pay for PET scans for multiple myeloma patients recently? And they were successful! The International Myeloma Foundation's work paved

10 12, 2009

Another Patient Profile From ASH

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I met Paula Van Riper at a breakfast meeting while in New Orleans. Paula is an older multiple myeloma survivor, but you wouldn't know it after experiencing her incredibly high energy level! Having undergone just about every possible myeloma therapy, this New Jersey native was doing great--or so she thought. But she couldn't help but

9 09, 2009

Bone Disease In Myeloma

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Dr. Brian Durie, Dr. Keith Stewart and Dr. David Vesole all answered questions about bone involvement in multiple myeloma at last week's IMF conference I attended in Edina, Minnesota, just south of Minneapolis. In addition, Dr. Durie gave a one hour presentation, "Bone Disease In Myeloma." I will spend the next two days touching on