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21 04, 2014

“You guys are like rusty old trucks!”

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Joan is always busy taking care her husband and myeloma patient, Don, along with their rural home and garden in the Hocking Hills of Ohio .  She emails me daily, sharing frustrations about Don's doctors, the cold, lousy weather and Don's cantankerous demeanor. Don is a lot older than I am, but we have something

4 02, 2014

Deja vu all over again: X rays identify new plasmacytomas under my ribs

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SNAP!  POP!  There goes a rib?  Friday's post wasn't wrong.  It simply didn't go far enough. After three days, my pain and  range of movement had actually started to improve.  That all came crashing down on Sunday.  I inadvertently used both my left and right arms to get up late in the day.   Until then,

17 06, 2013

Broadcast features battling survivor John Knighten and family

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Good news!  Our dear friend and Patient Snapshot favorite, John Knighten, is hanging on.  Last April, John was given only a few weeks to live by his transplant team in Seattle.   But the Spokane, Washington resident and former firefighter continues to fight through severed pain caused by a massive plasmacytoma (tumor) in his sinuses.

8 01, 2012

How and why does multiple myeloma damage bones?

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An insert in the Winter 2011 Edition of Cure Magazine offers a simple, yet comprehensive explanation about why multiple myeloma damages your bones. According to medical journalist Laura Beil, “Malignant plasma cells affect the remodeling of bone, causing overproduction of the natural substances that dissolve bone.  When plasmacytomas (the scientific term for myeloma related tumors

31 08, 2009

How Does A Physician Know Your Myeloma Is Active?

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Friday afternoon at the IMF conference in Edina, Minnesota we learned, in detail, the criteria for diagnosis in multiple myeloma. Mayo Clinic transplant nurse Teresa Micelli explained there are four basic disorders that affect plasma cells in the bone marrow. Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS), smoldering (indolent) myeloma, plasmacytoma and active myeloma. MGUS and