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25 07, 2013

Timing, irony, life and death

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Timing is everything.  This is short story about the irony of timing.  A real life-and-death account that begs the cliche': You can't make this stuff up! I flew back to Tampa last evening after spending six emotionally draining days with my father and family.  Spending the time with Dad was the easy part.  Playing referee

9 02, 2010

Denosumab vs Zometa Phase 3 Randomized Study Results Released Monday

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Here is a new press release from Amgen, the drug company which manufactures Denosumab.  Denosumab is a bisphosphonate type drug, developed to compete with Zometa and Aredia.  Even though this specific study involves prostate cancer patients, I felt it was important to post it on our multiple myeloma site.  Why?  Because the "buzz" and hopeful excitement

27 10, 2009

Physicians Need To Look Past Age Related Probabilities When Diagnosing Cancer

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Did you happen to see this article earlier in the week on CancerCare.Com? Very, very basic. Skim if you like and I will comment on the back end:9 Common Symptoms of MyelomaBy Krisha McCoy, MSMedically reviewed by Cynthia Haines, MD While there are some telltale signs associated with multiple myeloma, many symptoms are vague and

21 09, 2009

Waiting, Wondering, Worrying – Continued

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I referenced yesterday's post on my www.HelpWithCancer.Org blog this morning and continued this important thread there. Who ever knew prostate cancer and myeloma patients had so much in common? It's the waiting, wondering and worrying AND then trying to decide which of several treatment options you should try first. No pressure there! I't just your

20 09, 2009

Waiting, Wondering, Worrying

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The last two days, my posts have had a common thread - Living with multiple myeloma is hard! Sure it is, but so is having any form of cancer, or any other serious medical condition for that matter. The thing that makes dealing with myeloma so difficult is the good news/bad news situation we, as