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31 07, 2014

I feel good, but my bone pain is getting worse

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I held up surprisingly well on my trip home to see friends and family.  My energy level was good, despite taking pomalidomide (POM) daily.  But my bone pain has reemerged with a vengeance--and I'm not sure why. As is the case with most myeloma lesions, I’m not in pain when I’m sitting or lying down. 

28 03, 2014

Great news! RVD is working again!

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It's an awesome Friday morning!  I'm both delighted and relieved.  Delighted that our University of Wisconsin basketball team won again last night, advancing to the NCAA Tournament's Elite Eight; the Badgers play Arizona Saturday to see which team will advance to the Final Four.  And I'm relieved to report even better news: I learned yesterday

24 03, 2014

Relapse review: What should Pat do next?

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I hadn't planned to write a follow up post about me today.  But I can tell from the flood of emails and comments I've been getting that some readers are concerned  I'm sitting back and not doing enough to battle my relapse. And there does seem to be some confusion about my treatment plan moving

31 10, 2013

When it comes to myeloma, two heads are better than one!

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I met with my medical oncologist, Dr. Vikas Malhotra, for the first time since last month's relapse today.  He reviewed my test results, including the MRI of my left hip.  It reminded me why working together as a team is so important. I felt that Dr. Malhotra and his physicians assistant, Ann, made some innovative