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SPEP test

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9 09, 2014

I can live in no-mans-land…

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I reference my M-spike often.  Some cancers don't have good blood markers.  But doctors can reliably monitor the progression of multiple myeloma in the majority of patients by tracking how much monoclonal protein is floating around in their blood or urine, using a serum protein electropheresis (SPEP) test. A pathologist reads a graph of the

4 08, 2014

Do I love DEMON DEX?

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Dexamethasone may be slowly destroying my body, but for three days a week, I love it! There are actually a lot of closet dexamethasone fans out there.  I hear from them regularly.  They almost always suffer from significant bone involvement (bone damage) caused by their multiple myeloma. Sure, I get an energy boost after taking

14 04, 2014

Medical Update: Settling in for a long, slow fight

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"How am I doing?" I'm often asked; by email, in person or on the phone.  Here's an update. Dr. Malhotra is now running a SPEP test (measures my M-spike) every two weeks.  This week's results: I remained at a steady 0.4, same as the last test that had dropped from 0.5 the month before. I'm

28 12, 2011

News and views that you might have missed over the holiday…

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Last Wednesday, Californian Lori Puente stopped-in to visit our Nature Coast (Florida) Multiple Myeloma Support Group meeting and Christmas party. Her husband, Dave (the patient), was unable to attend because he was fighting a cold. Lori writes an excellent caregivers blog called Riding The Wave.  She is a tireless advocate for the UAMS/Arkansas myeloma treatment