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29 09, 2015

Snapshot frozen in time

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I'll delay the post I had planned to run today until tomorrow. I wanted to share a telling moment I experienced yesterday. Learning that insurance approved my second transplant next month, I needed to make airline reservations into the Cedar Rapids airport; it's a short 14 miles northwest of Iowa City. The weekend got away

23 07, 2015

Houston: We have liftoff!

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After 11 short, challenging days, I've now officially engrafted. 12 Days! It took me 17 days to engraft after my first transplant, four years ago. For once I've caught a break. Don't get me wrong. I'm still fighting diarrhea off using Imodium. This chemotherapy induced dry mouth makes it difficult to speak and eat, my

21 04, 2015

Reader stories can help us make difficult therapy decisions

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As most of you know, I've been facing the toughest therapy decision of my eight year multiple myeloma journey.  But this week's series of posts aren't about me.  They are a culmination of what I've been working on for years: collecting patient testimonials and feedback that can help all of us make life extending, uber-informed

21 12, 2014

Despite genetic inroads, myeloma still unpredictable

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A reader response to yesterday's post got me thinking about examples of how unpredictable multiple myeloma can be. I think myeloma patients are often lulled into a false sense of complacency.  For most, multiple myeloma is a slow moving cancer, easily managed for years; sometimes decades.  For others, its more aggressive. Cytogenetic testing may give

28 07, 2013

Myeloma research team at Dana-Farber among the world’s best!

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Melanie Graham from Dana-Farber contacted me last week to let me know about an article featuring Dr. Anderson, Dr. Richardson and their colleague, Dr. Nikhil Munshi.  Myeloma geeks like me know that Ken Anderson and Paul Richardson are two of the most renowned myeloma specialists in the world.  If they made sets of baseball cards

25 05, 2013

Mayo Clinic’s willingness to consider delaying SCT grabs reader attention

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As lead writer, editor, layout stumbler and bumbler here at MMB, I am continually wondering:  What makes one post more popular than another?  Let's examine one of my most read posts of all time to see why over 3700 people read it last month. The post itself is simple enough; a composite of several different

5 04, 2013

Mayo Clinic and delaying stem cell transplants, sequester cuts hurt cancer patients and perifosine scrapped

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Too much myeloma related news to run a Fun Friday! post today.  Here are a the most important developments from the past week: I received a half dozen emails about Mayo Clinic's new multiple myeloma patient guidelines.  Not a lot new there.  Dr. Rajkumar stressed the importance of using gene profiling to break patients into

24 02, 2013

Thoughtful discussion among experts about myeloma therapy options

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One of Andrew Schorr's better clips featuring Dr. Craig Hofmeister, Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Dr. Sagar Lonial, Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University, discussing different myeloma therapies including stem cell transplants, non-transplants, targeted and combination therapies: Transplant or Targeted Therapy: What's the Mainstay for Treatment in Multiple Myeloma?