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26 08, 2013

Foods and supplements myeloma patients should avoid (Part Two)

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More about Amgen's announced acquisition of Onyx Pharmaceuticals (Kyprolis), after details become available later today. Saturday I shared a list of 10 foods and supplements that myeloma patients may want to avoid.  I've heard from a number of you, asking for more information on the topic sooner rather than later.  Your wish is my command!

7 08, 2010

Comment About New Study Confirming Fructose Speeds Cancer Growth

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Tuesday I wrote a short article on our other daily site,, about how researchers discovered fructose speeds the growth of pancreatic cancer: New Study Supports Premise:  Sugar Feeds Cancer.Roy e-mailed me a thoughtful and amusing comment about the study I would like to share with you today:The fact that cancer loves sugar is not