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15 06, 2013

Consolidation Therapy? Myeloma Cinderella clues-us-in

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After stepping-back and taking some time to establish her own rockin' blog, Myeloma Cinderella is back.  What a treat!  Back to back columns from my two favorite contributors. WARNING: You are leaving my acronym-free zone Myeloma Cinderella is big on acronyms--the alphabet soup I try to avoid--and often uses terms I don't normally use.  I

2 02, 2013


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Our very own Myeloma Cinderella explores one of the four or five key controversial questions about myeloma therapy strategies this weekend: whether to use the newest and best drugs up-front, or keep them in reserve for relapse. The title of her column leaves no doubt about how suzierose feels: MYELOMA CINDERELLA: "NO ROLE FOR KEEPING

26 01, 2013

Myeloma Cinderella: Disease vs Therapy (Part One)

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After a couple days change of pace, time to return to "myeloma 101."  Except suzierose's column this week is very technical--more graduate school level.  But don't let that detour you!  This weekend our very own Myeloma Cinderella finds more morsels of hope for high risk multiple myeloma patients:   Part One of Disease vs Therapy

20 01, 2013

Myeloma Cinderella: Tandem stem cell transplants exposed

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Before getting to our Myeloma Cinderella's next column, suzierose asked me to let everyone know that she's ecstatic to be attending inauguration ceremonies this weekend.  She compared it to the recent Rose Bowl trip Pattie and I took a few weeks back.  Living a new normal can be tough, but how fortunate she and we

12 01, 2013

A rose by any other name…

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Today I'm pleased and excited to announce a new, hopefully regular contributor to our patient perspective site.  Famous--some might even venture to say "infamous"--myeloma survivor and online friend to so many of us, suzierose, has agreed to share her passion and wisdom here at MMB. I have "known" suzierose for a long time.  Her helpful