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Thank You

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22 06, 2015

Your support helping me stay the course

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My day has had more emotional ups-and-downs than a roller coaster--and the afternoon isn't even over! Everything went without a hitch this morning with my PET scan.  Dr. Tricot will have the results when we meet on Thursday. I had an opportunity to speak with his lead nurses, Paula and Sonya, before I left.  Everyone

14 12, 2012

Medical Update: How I’m doing post-ASH

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ASH is the largest hematological conference in the world.  More myeloma related research results are published and presented at ASH than at any other time.  But most of the information there isn't time sensitive.  As I may have already mentioned, I can see progress being made.  But in small, incremental steps.  So I'm going to

11 05, 2010

It’s Always Great To Hear From My Readers!

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I receive a number of e-mails each and every day from readers.  They ask questions, share their stories and sometimes give me support and advice about medical and emotional issues in my life.  I love hearing from you!  It makes my day every time one of you leaves a comment on one of the blogs

26 10, 2009

Thank’s Everyone!

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I have already received a number of e-mails from fellow myeloma survivors with their suggestions and support following Friday's post. Thank's everyone! Several readers have also written detailed and helpful comments about my concerns that are both profound and very instructive.Feel good and keep smiling! I know I am, knowing I have such good friends