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28 02, 2015

Total Therapy a possible cure?

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My good friend, Gary Petersen, recently returned from his annual visit to UAMS in Arkansas with a clean bill of health.  He's not far from being a decade myeloma free.  I have written several times, asking why more newly diagnosed patients aren't encouraged to try Total Therapy.  The upside is literally off-the-charts.  Gary's remarkable run

18 12, 2014

Dr. Hari discusses ASH, Total Therapy and allo transplants

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I often label myeloma related broadcasts as "must listen."  Last night's Cure Talks Myeloma Panel discussion with myeloma specialist,  Dr.Parameswaran  Hari, was a "must listen squared!  I didn't mean to dominate the discussion, but following a brief review of ASH related data, Dr. Hari spent over a half hour answering my questions about Total Therapy

19 09, 2014

Relapsed/refractory patients face difficult choices

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I reported back Wednesday afternoon after meeting with my myeloma specialist, Dr. Roy, at Mayo Clinic.  The contrast between Dr. Roy's slow and steady incremental therapy approach, and the "hit the myeloma hard" Total Therapy approach preferred by Dr. Tricot on Wednesday night's broadcast couldn't have been more stark. Dr. Tricot enthusiastically stated that he

27 08, 2014

RESEARCH UPDATE: Kyrpolis and Total Therapy 3

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I have written a number of times about counter-intuitive research results involving progression free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS).  Here's another key example. I chose not to write about recent data from FOCUS, a key Kyprolis trial.  The drug's manufacturer, Onyx/Amgen, is attempting to garner FDA approval for myeloma patients that have relapsed two

27 07, 2013

Panel discussion featuring Dr. Shaji Kumar refreshingly frank and revealing

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Before I get started I wanted to share that my father, Ted Killingsworth, has passed-away.  He was surrounded by nearly a dozen family members.  They reassure me he was comfortable and quietly slipped-away.  I will post an obit sometime next week.  I will miss you, Dad! Thursday evening I participated in a Q & A

18 02, 2013

Total Therapy Demystified (Part Two)

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Today Nick break's Total Therapy (TT) down into distinct segements; induction, transplants, consolidation and maintenance. Total Therapy Demystified (Part Two) Multiple myeloma survivor and Total Therapy Patient Nick van Dyk PHASE ONE:  INDUCTION In traditional conservative treatment approaches, induction refers to the use of one or more agents to reduce disease burden before a transplant.

17 02, 2013

Total Therapy Demystified (Part One)

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For someone that isn't a doctor, I know a lot about myeloma therapies.  Not so much about the science of how they work, but the timing of it all--when best to use them and ways to help minimize side effects.  But I still have a lot to learn about one specific treatment philosophy: Total Therapy.

8 12, 2012

Dr. Rajkumar still using incremental approach when treating newly diagnosed patients

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Dr. Vincent Rajkumar is a magnificent speaker.  I have followed him giving presentations at ASH and ASCO for four years now.  He is more polished and forceful in his delivery these days.  His assertive confidence shines through. Dr. Rajkumar is not afraid to be a little bit different.  In the way Dr. Barlogie in Arkansas

5 10, 2012

Can UAMS Total Therapy cure myeloma patients? Stay tuned!

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The controversial Myeloma Institute for Research Therapy (MIRT), part of the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences (UAMS) complex in Little Rock, has heated-up again.  (They sure love acronyms in the medical field, don't they?  I have always preferred to use UAMS) Several of our regular readers alerted me to a fascinating, long and winding thread