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18 02, 2013

Total Therapy Demystified (Part Two)

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Today Nick break's Total Therapy (TT) down into distinct segements; induction, transplants, consolidation and maintenance. Total Therapy Demystified (Part Two) Multiple myeloma survivor and Total Therapy Patient Nick van Dyk PHASE ONE:  INDUCTION In traditional conservative treatment approaches, induction refers to the use of one or more agents to reduce disease burden before a transplant.

17 02, 2013

Total Therapy Demystified (Part One)

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For someone that isn't a doctor, I know a lot about myeloma therapies.  Not so much about the science of how they work, but the timing of it all--when best to use them and ways to help minimize side effects.  But I still have a lot to learn about one specific treatment philosophy: Total Therapy.