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5 09, 2010

Another Example Of How High Cost Of Anti-Myeloma Chemotherapy Drugs May Restrict Patient Accsess

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Last week I passed along a surprising and disappointing report about how the use of Revlimid was possibly going to be restricted in the UK. Here is a follow-up article, listing thalidomide as the approved alternative. Why? Cost of course! Guess they don't care if British multiple myeloma patients limp around with peripheral neuropathy--as long

27 08, 2010

Restrictive New Rules May Limit Access To Velcade For Some Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma Patients In The UK

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Here is an English press release from the company which distributes Velcade in the UK.  Looks like the British may be headed in the wrong direction here:NICE proposes to restrict access to Velcade® (bortezomib)in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patientsJanssen-Cilag to challenge NICE recommendationJanssen-Cilag, High Wycombe, 26 August 2010 – Janssen-Cilag is disappointed that recommendations from

16 03, 2010

Abstract Link For Multiple Myeloma Research Study In England

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I'm not sure why I found this British abstract about multiple myeloma interesting--maybe because it was basic and easy to read--while providing a different European perspective.  Here is part of the abstract titled, Trends in the incidence and survival of multiple myeloma in South East England 1985-2004 (2010), by Renshaw, Christine,Ketley, Nicolas,Møller, Henrik,Davies, Elizabeth A