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4 10, 2013

The mystery of cause and effect: What triggers a relapse?

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Something remarkable happened yesterday in response to my monthly column in the Myeloma Beacon.  Debbie Berns, leader of the International Myeloma Foundation's (IMF) awesome phone counseling team, took time out of her busy day to email me some important information relating to my relapse. I was working on what I had planned to be today's

28 08, 2012

Supplements that enhance Velcade’s performance

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Before I get started, I have been receiving emails and comments defending glucosamine. I understand!  I had been taking glucosamine for years.  It helped my knee pain improve measurably.  But Danny Parker convinced me to drop-it-off my long--and now shrinking--supplement list. Danny emailed me several times yesterday.  Allow me to share a few of his

26 04, 2012

Diet and Multiple Myeloma: Healing Herbs: Parsley, Sage, Basil and Holy Basil (Part Two)

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What about sage and basil, the next recommendations? At risk of duplication, I’ll refer back to the column where we described the powerful effect of the ursolic acid in slowing myeloma.  I’ve already praised apples whose peels contain prodigious amounts of ursolic acid. Now, its time to give due to Sage and Basil that also

4 01, 2012

Nutritional plan to help maximize performance of my RVD therapy

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I met guest columnist and fellow multiple myeloma patient Danny Parker just over a year ago at ASH in Orlando, Florida. Danny had just been diagnosed with high risk disease and was preparing to undergo a stem cell transplant. We spent quite a bit of time together that evening.  It didn't take long to realize

31 05, 2011

An Important Reminder: Don’t Forget To Consume Lots Of Foods/Spices Containing Ursolic Acid After Taking Thalidomide, Revlimid and/or Velcade

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Back on May 19th, I wrote an article about how ursolic acid had been proven to help enhance the effectiveness of Velcade:Ursolic Acid Helps Velcade, Thalidomide And Most Likely Revlimid Work Better...This is so important--on so many levels--I wanted to remind my readers (and me!) about the news.   Let's face it:  Habits are hard to