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5 05, 2011

While We Are Waiting For Meaningful, Patient Related News From Myeloma Workshop In Paris: Fascinating Article About Using Vaccines To Stop Multiple Myeloma Before It Starts…

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Check this out... Easy to read, yet detailed article from MIT's Technology Review about using vaccines to fight multiple myeloma.  Click-on the headline below to access the article: Biomedicine A Vaccine to Attack Cancer Early A startup is developing the first vaccine to target patients before they develop cancer. Wednesday, May 4, 2011 - By

17 04, 2011

New Smoldering Myeloma Vaccine On The Horizon

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I don't write enough about smoldering myeloma.  This "pre-bone marrow cancer" certainly isn't addressed regularly by established pharmaceutical companies. So I thought I would share this news release I found on the Boston Business Journal earlier this weekend, about a new drug company which is betting it's future on an experimental, anti-smoldering myeloma vaccine: OncoPep

12 03, 2011

Valuable Series Of Articles In The Myeloma Beacon About Using Vaccines To Help Enhance Multiple Myeloma Therapies

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The Myeloma Beacon continued its ongoing series Friday with a look at a variety of multiple myeloma vaccines currently being studied: New Advances In Myeloma Vaccines – Part 4: Ongoing Research By Melissa Cobleigh - Mar 11, 2011 Simply click-on the headline above and read all about it.  Very comprehensive and cautiously optimistic article. Feel

17 08, 2009

Vaccination Strategies Against Multiple Myeloma

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The book, Multiple Myeloma: Translational and Emerging Therapies, dedicates an entire chapter to the future use of vaccines against multiple myeloma. According to the book, "Development of successful vaccine strategy in MM has been directed at two aspects. First to develop a vaccine stratege able to specifically target MM cells with therapeutic efficacy; and second