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2 04, 2014

Don Baylor, Congressional recognition and Vorinostat update

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I wanted to share a variety of myeloma related news with you this morning.  Do you remember my interview of legendary baseball star and Los Angeles Angels hitting coach and multiple myeloma survivor, Don Baylor? Cure Magazine interviews me; plus my on-air interview with Don Baylor   Tuesday Don Baylor broke his femur while reaching

15 07, 2013

HDAC inhibitors work great in the lab. Why not better in patients?

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This weekend I shared how I was becoming anxious and frazzled with the added responsibility and concern for my dying father.  The mental and emotional health of myeloma patients and caregivers is an under-served and rarely addressed part of our lives.  You know me; I'm not going to let this go.  I will get back

11 12, 2011

Full coverage of Friday evening IMF Satellite Symposium event (Part Three)

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I know, I know.  I'm falling behind!  I'm so busy collecting and analyzing newly released myeloma related research data, I have barely had time to write. Here is the final installment of my three part report about the IMF's Friday evening Satellite Symposium. I saved the best for last!  Dr. Robert Orlowski with M.D. Anderson

21 08, 2011

Carfilzomib, Elotuzumab, Panobinostat, Vorinostat And Arry520 All Show Promise In Late Stage Clinical Studies Against Multiple Myeloma

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Yesterday I wrote about three anti-myeloma clinical studies involving carfilzomib, elotuzumab and panobinostat. I referred to elotuzumab and panobinostat as promising "assisting type" drugs.  Also known as secondary or “helper” novel therapy agents, elotuzumab, panobinostat, vorinostat and/or ARRY520 are all showing promise working with primary novel therapy agents like thalidomide, Revlimid and Velcade. It is

8 06, 2011

More ASCO News, Along With A Short, Personal Medical Update

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Let's jump right in with more ASCO news. Of course, there were lots of study results featuring new drugs used in combination with Revlimid and Velcade.  As you should have noticed by now, the combination approach is the new "in thing" when treating myeloma.  The Revlimid/Velcade/dexamethasone (RVD) induction combination I'm enduring now, prior to my stem

18 04, 2011

Every Multiple Myeloma Patient Or Caregiver Should Read Friday’s Myeloma Beacon Feature About Emerging Myeloma Therapies

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The Myeloma Beacon ran an excellent review of new anti-myeloma therapies which are in late stages of development:  Promising New Drugs For Myeloma: Will The Future Come Soon Enough?The article is written by Dr. S. Vincent Rajkumar with Mayo Clinic.  I was going to reference it over the weekend, but forgot about it until I

1 01, 2011

My Reasonable/Achievable Wish List For 2011

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Happy New Year! I wanted to share my multiple myeloma research and drug company “wish list” with my fellow patients and caregivers today.Here is my "reasonable and achievable" wish list for 2011:*  That carfilzomib is approved by the FDA as hoped *  Millennium's exciting new subcutaneous (subq) delivery method for Velcade     is also FDA approved* 

6 12, 2010

Dr. Robert Orlowski From M.D. Anderson Previews Exciting, Positive New Therapy Data To Be Revealed At ASH

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As promised, here is the final installment of my three part report on the IMF's ASH kick-off panel discussion Friday evening at the Peabody Hotel in Orlando:I have already written two articles about Friday evening’s IMF panel of experts program, Key Myeloma Questions for 2010: Latest Developments in Diagnosis, Prognosis and treatment.Let’s conclude with M.D.

6 12, 2010

Reflections Before Opening The Flood Gates Of Technical Multiple Myeloma Related Information From This Year’s ASH

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I wanted to share my thoughts from ASH after a very busy weekend.  On our other daily site,, I am reporting about non-multiple myeloma related news from this year's meetings.  You can imagine how difficult it is to determine which studies are most significant when dealing with dozens and dozens of hematological cancers.  I

17 10, 2010

Some Good News About Vorinostat: Oncologists Can Use It "Off Label" In Multiple Myeloma Patients

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I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank Dr. Eric Rubin, Vice President of Merck Oncology, for taking the time to update us on vorinostat's projected timeline.You may have noticed quite a bit of hedging and "drug company speak" toward the end of our interview.  I want to point out that Dr. Rubin wasn't intentionally

16 10, 2010

Part Two Of A Two Part Interview With Merck Oncology’s Vice President, Dr. Eric Rubin, About New Anti-Multiple Myeloma Drug, Vorinostat

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Here is the second part of my two part interview with Dr. Eric Rubin, Vice President of Merck Oncology, makers of vorinostat--trade name Zolinza:My understanding is, like many anti-myeloma agents, Zolinza is most effective when combined with other novel therapy agents. Which combinations show the most promise thus far? Why do you think that is?All

15 10, 2010

Part One Of A Two Part Interview With Merck Oncology’s Vice President, Dr. Eric Rubin, About New Anti-Multiple Myeloma Drug, Vorinostat

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I have written a lot about two developmental, anti-myeloma drugs here recently, carfilzomib and pomalidomide.  But there are a number of other new, experimental drugs on the horizon.One of these, vorinostat, looks expecially promising.  Vorinostat is being developed by Merck Oncology.  Vorinostat doesn't do much to fight multiple myeloma on it's own.  But early combination

18 09, 2010

The MMRF & IMF Need To Remember Who They Represent–The Patient–Not The Drug Companies

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I had already written part of today's article. But after reading this comment from Nick in California, defending the MMRF, I decided to go in a different direction:Nick said... Hmm...not sure what to make of this, to be honest with you! :)While the MMRF doesn't necessarily agree with the approach that my oncologist takes, I

28 04, 2010

Treatment Strategies For Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma- Part Two: Clinical Trials & New Drug Combination Strategies

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Here are course notes from the class I completed yesterday, Optimal Management Strategies and Novel Agents in Multiple Myeloma, specifically the section about clinical trials and new drug combination strategies:At the present time, the novel agents we have discussed are used in combination with bortezomib or lenalidomide; additional new agents are being evaluated. Some of

17 02, 2010

Multiple Myeloma Drug, Vorinostat, Phase II Trial To Move Forward

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Here is a press release, posted on the Drug Discovery & Development Website from Merck Pharmaceuticals about the new, experimental multiple myeloma drug, Vorinostat:Board Recommends Continuation of Phase IIb Study of VorinostatDrug Discovery & Development - February 15, 2010Merck & Co., Inc. announced that an independent Data Safety and Monitoring Board recommended the continuation of