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28 02, 2013

RESEARCH NEWS: Path to safer, more effective SCTs discovered

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I tend to stay away from technical, preclinical science here at MMB.  Focusing on therapies that are doing well in human studies is one thing.  But lab studies in a test tube or mice?  A bit abstract for me--and I'm guessing many of you, too.  But I think this research is different.  Let me introduce

31 12, 2010

Follow-Up About Dr. Tomasson’s Attempt To Secure Multiple Myeloma Program Project Grant

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Sunday I wrote a brief article about Michael Tomasson,  a physician-scientist based at Washington University in St. Louis:  Researchers Continue To Isolate & Interpret Genetic Information Relevant To Treating Multiple Myeloma.Here is a link to a follow-up video about Dr. Tomasson and his research:  Major progress on Multiple Myeloma Program Project Grant (PPG). One-year planning