Good Days from CDF Helps Myeloma Patients in Need

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One helpful option is to seek help through Good Days from CDF, formerly known as the Chronic Disease Fund (CDF). But someone wrote in to warn readers that multiple myeloma wasn’t funded for 2015; he was led to believe that co-pay assistance wasn’t available yet this year.  I’ve done some investigating and have great news.  My contacts at Good Days reassure me that there is funding available for myeloma patients now; today.

I also learned that the non-profit has started a new outreach campaign, aptly named Good Days, to express their desire to help chronic disease patients enjoy life to the fullest.  It’s difficult enough to deal with a cancer diagnosis without worrying about how to pay for expensive, life saving chemotherapy. That’s when Good Days can step in, reimbursing co-pays for patients that need help.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) also provides co-pay assistance to myeloma patients. But one of the things I like best about CDF’s program: it’s so simple to apply. No red tape or delays. If you need help, they act first and sort things out later. The Foundation’s goal: to help patients get back to living as normal a life as quickly as possible—free from medically related financial pressures and stress.

To help get the message out, Good Days has crafted a video featuring Everett, a newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patient, and his wife and caregiver, Norma:

On the video, the couple admits that the shock of paying for the oral chemotherapy Everett needed was as bad or worse than learning he had cancer. Working with Good Days from CDF changed that for the better; one of many examples of how the Chronic Disease Fund helps make the lives of thousands of multiple myeloma patients better.

In addition to their co-pay assistance program, Good Days also offers help to patients and caregivers that need travel assistance. I took advantage of this benefit following my stem cell transplant a few years back. Forced to make weekly hour long drives to and from the BMT Unit at Moffitt Cancer Center, Good Days provided me with prepaid Visa cards that I used to pay for gas, tolls and parking.

Myeloma patients needing assistance can overcome unexpected financial hurdles by putting together a patchwork of benefits provided by several different foundations. I recommend contacting the CDF to see how they can help. I know I appreciate the help they’ve given me over the years.